The coordination, admission and registration process


The coordination, admission  and registration process

The coordination, admission  and registration process for the   academic  year begins in Al-Razi University according to the dates set by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

          Where registration is through the electronic portal of the Unified Coordination   and the student files are received at Administration of Admission and Registration at the university and ensuring that it complies with the conditions and criteria for admission and registration, and then entering student data in the electronic portal for the unified coordination of the Ministry and their acceptance is confirmed after completing the procedures for their admission in accordance with the general policy of admission and registration approved by the Ministry and the university.
The Admission and Registration Department has a distinguished and competent team that undertakes the tasks of receiving new students and providing them with the necessary information on admission and registration and about university life and study system.

Admission is carried out according to the load  capacity determined by the ministry and the university each year, and the student is registered with the university after completing the required documents in accordance with the terms and conditions for admission, payment of the  required fees. Finally the student will be granted a  registration number at the relevant faculty.