Rector Statement





Dear colleagues and students in Al-Razi University,


Al-Razi University is a private academic institution and was established in 2009 with purposeful vision in education with high quality and effective practices of the governance in the academic education.  Since establishment, Al-Razi University has achieved qualitative developments materially, academic, organizational and financial infrastructures.  Within the strategic plan 2022, Al-Razi University has great strategic objectives. For examples: Building the university Campus matching the international standards; establishing  more higher studies programs; attaining the ISO 9001- 2015, and attaining the academic accreditation for all academic programs and teaching all the academic programs in English and supplying transportations.

What specializes Al-Razi University is that it is a national and academic institution contributing development and construction. It contributes in building generations provided with science and knowledge and ideal values, and obtaining qualitative skills and abilities. All programs in Al-Razi University are accredited.  Al-Razi University is improving the oriented scientific research linked with the issues of Yemeni society. It also applies the total quality standards and implementing the academic accreditation.  Moreover, Al-Razi University involves the student in the participation of success and development, and takes care of the graduates  to join the university staff or continuing higher studies. All graduates keep in close with the university via the graduate forum and other social networks.  In addition, the outputs of Al-Razi University match the development and labor market needs in general. Al-Razi University provides exclusive new programs such Anesthetics, Medical Nutrition, Physiotherapy, and the near future,  new programs will be opened such as Multimedia and Internal Design.  Al-Razi University has strong contact with the community. For example, Al-Razi University has signed several  agreements in cooperation and partnership with different national and international institutions including universities, hospitals, factories, companies, civil society organizations for ensuring the exchange benefit in experiences and abilities.

Regarding the infrastructure section, Al-Razi University has two pieces of land ready for building the university campus in Sana'a City matching the official standards and regulations.  Al-Razi University paces  basic steps in the administrative and organizational infrastructure and the institutional system. For example, different plans were prepared and they are evaluated regularly. The regulations and were updated and the guide and organizational manuals were prepared such as the manuals of quality and Al-Razi University governance, academic monitoring, job description, pharmaceutics, anesthetics, student manual and orientation booklet for the university…..etc.  Recently, special committees  have been formed by experts and specialists such as the academic monitoring, evaluating and measuring the performance, academic accreditation and quality control, planning, academic guidance and capacity building. These committees  have already started their duties and responsibilities effectively.  Al-Razi University has also coped with the technology movement so that an official website in addition to other  portals in the social network websites and using the newest method for the security control.

Finally, I hope peace, stability, progress for our homeland, YEMEN, and hope more perspective and successful future for next generations.

Dr. Qais Almohamadi