Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives



To be one of the five best national universities with high quality of education, scientific research and community service


Providing educational and research service matching the requirements of the academic accreditation, and preparing graduates with high scientific and professional efficiency enabling to compete in the labor market and to contribute in the development of the community.


·         Improving the institutional abilities and the educational effectiveness of the university.

·         Increasing the competitive ability of  Al-Razi University students. 

·         Commitment in the standards of the academic accreditation.

·         Developing the abilities  and skills and improving the services offered to  the academic staff.

·         Expanding in qualitative programs and higher studies.

·         Continuous improvement for the infrastructure.

·         Building special relationships with the counterpart educational institutions locally, regionally and internationally.

·         Focusing on the scientific research , publication and translation.

·         Consolidating the community partnership and specializing in community service.

·         Developing and verifying the financial resources.