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Vision, mission, values and goals


Make the university a leader at the local and regional level in the field of applying quality principles


Enhance the performance and achievement and academic and administrative development based on quality and academic accreditation of Ministry of Higher Education in order to achieve the vision and mission of the university and its goals


1. raise awareness of the culture of quality to be applied in all areas of performance in the university
2. Establish the foundations to implement the principles and procedures of quality assurance
3. Provide technical support for colleges and administrative units to ensure the completion of the work at the university in accordance with the principles of Quality Assurance.

4. Improve the quality of the educational process at the university through developed academic programs to raise the efficiency of the academic and administrative performance.5. monitoring and evaluation of the administrative and academic performance at the university.
6. cooperation with similar centers locally, regionally and internationally to take advantage of the experiences of Quality Management