Academic Accreditation Unit Duties


Duties of Academic Accreditation Unit:

1. Develop a vision and mission for the academic accreditation unit.

2. Draw plans, policies and goals of academic accreditation at the university.

3. Spread the culture of quality among the employees of the university and awareness of what can be done in the field of quality application.

4 - Support and train human cadres at the university to ensure quality at the macro level of the university and at the level of faculties and departments.

4. Support departments and faculties to conduct initial self-evaluations in the light of the criteria adopted by the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Council.

5 - Prepare a plan to improve and build the capacity of departments and faculties to meet the minimum standards required to obtain academic accreditation.

6. Communicate with local, regional and international accreditation bodies.

7- Coordinate with the departments and faculties to set a timetable for the visit of academic accreditation bodies.

8. Monitor on the visit of experts and academic accreditation bodies to the different units of the university.

9. Provide consultation for departments and faculties in the issues of academic accreditation.