Statement of Quality and Development Sector




 Al-Razi University inspires to be one of the five best Special Yemeni Universities in teaching, scientific research and community service. It seeks to prepare  cadre scientifically and academically so that they can compete in the labor market and enhance the service level provided to community. As the university adheres to sustaining development, it established the Quality and Development Sector.

Accordingly, in July 2017, a rector assistant for quality and development was appointed to supervise and guide the technical, administrative and academic development. The sector is one of the most important components of the university and represents its intellectual mind and beating heart, in terms of the tasks and duties entrusted to it and that is to contribute to the development and follow-up strategic plans and implementation of all faculties, departments and centers of the University within long/short-term scientific objectives and vision and mission. The sector contributes to draw policies, set programs and propose developmental projects in order to ensure and achieve high level of academic and administrative quality. The Quality and Development Sector is a consulting reference for the faculties, centers, offices and their project proposals in their fieldwork derived from the comprehensive strategic plan (2019-2023).

Rector Assistant for Quality and Development Sector

Dr. Mahmoud Yahya Alnehmi