Measurement & Evaluation Unit Duties


Duties of the unit of measurement and evaluation:

1. Develop a vision and a mission to the unit of measurement and evaluation.

2. Identify and develop standards for measurement and evaluation at the university.

3. Prepare a manual for measurement and evaluation at the university.

4. Spread the culture of measurement and evaluation through the holding of training courses, workshops, lectures and seminars.

5. Work on diversifying measurement methods and adopting modern methods in the field of measuring and evaluating performance.

6. Design questionnaires and data collection and evaluation tools, supervise their application, process data, write reports and proposals resulting from the findings.

7. Announce the results of the performance evaluation of the university periodically.

8. Monitor the evaluation of faculty members, academic leaders, general secretariat, administrators, specialists and all employees.

9. Monitor studies to measure the satisfaction of beneficiaries, and parties related to the University.

10. Cooperate with universities, colleges, centers and professional bodies in relation to measurement and evaluation and benefiting from successful experiences.

11. Periodically update the performance indicators in evaluation models.

12. Reporting the results of the evaluation and evaluation proposals to the manager of the Quality Center.