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Razi University team participates remotely in the event of the global ceremony to conclude the Millennium Fellowship Program of the United Nations Academic Impact Program





 Al-Razi University  team participated in the Millennium Fellowship campus of 14 male and female students in the international graduation celebration to conclude the Millennium Fellowship program of the academic impact program of the United Nations. With online attendance of the academic impact program director and a number of international figures and the participation of (1092) students from (69) global universities located in (135) countries from all over the world, Al-Razi University Millennium team attended  the celebration with presence of  Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Tariq Ali Al-Nahmi and the Secretary-General of the University, Dr. Ammar Al-Thebani and MCN Coordinator Dr. / Sharaf Shana, and Miss.  Amani Ghanima, Head of the Partnership Community and a number of volunteers in the Millennium Campus.
Within three months, the Fellowship team at Al-Razi University was able to prove their worth and participation in this global event as the only team participating at the level of national universities and enable it to reach many achievements through the implementation of six projects combined to achieve the sustainable development goals issued by the United Nationsin 2000. The projects of the Fellowship team at Al-Razi University were as follows:

1. Distribution of school bags for children of the marginalized and poor in a number of schools in the capital Sana'a

2. Implementation of the project of malaria control and awareness to prevent them in Bani Qais Directorate of Hajjah

3. Implementation of the health awareness project for women from the marginalized category in the district of Al-Ramah Directorate of Revolution - Sana'a and the distribution of bags in first aid to the targeted women

4. Implementing the health care project, diagnosis and testing for poor displaced families

5. The team conducted a training course in the field of leadership skills for youth in 6 training sessions under the supervision of the Global Fellowship Program for Academic Impact

6. Cleaning and planting Al-Thawra Hospital Zone (Our Environment is Better)

Al-Razi University is the only university in Yemen Participated in the Global Millennium Fellowship 2019. In the next years, Al-Razi University is planning to expand its participation in such event and others as part of its vision and mission.

Thank should be given  to Al-Razi  as well as global Millennium fellows for their great effort in helping their community.

And Many Thank for Al-Razi Leadership for support.

Warm thank must be sent to those in Millennium Administration, all the team with no exception for their perfect and professional management of the millennium.

I would like to thank those volunteers who helped the fellows in implementing the projects.

Thank you, supporter, donors and funders of the fellows' projects and ideas.

We are looking forward to seeing you in 2020 millennium fellowship.

Dr. Sharaf Shana


Millennium fellowship Coordinator, Al-Razi University - Yemen