University Features


Academic Staff

The university has experienced and high efficient academic staff in the field of education and in the scientific, technical and humanitarian specifications.


Al- Razi University has several curriculums which have been prepared by a specialized academic Yemeni team with high  competence and experience who contributed to the development of higher education in Yemeni universities. These curriculums have been prepared according to standards of  the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Council of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation  .


Teaching methodology:

Al-Razi University largely depends on learner-centered approach using the cooperative learning method. It also encourages self-learning process. and keeps students avoiding the traditional role of the learner as a receiver, note taker or a passive listener. Students work in pairs or in groups inside or outside the classroom in order to increase their skills and knowledge. The syllabus resources include  textbooks, lectures, case studies, the Internet, and  individual or group projects presentation.


Training Programs

The practical training is essential to acquaint students with skills needed for the labor market. The training program proceeds a training manuals for each specification. The university has already conducted  several  contracts of  local partnerships with several medical institutions for the purpose of training the students in the training centers of such institutions. 


Additional Facilities for Students:

In addition to the education process, the university concerns with building the personality of its students through providing them with abilities development programs. The students, in these programs, attend free courses in English Language, human development and qualitative courses in employability skills to be ready for the labor market.