Academic Accreditation and Quality Center is a special center in quality management to enable the university in achieving its mission and goals and to obtain the community trust in the university graduates.



Academic Accreditation and Quality Center


The Academic Accreditation and Quality Center implements and consolidates the concepts of quality assurance and management efficiently and effectively in order to raise the educational and research outputs to the level of competition (local - regional - international). It seeks to prepare a graduate with an integrated and balanced personality to be able to work in a group and to take an active leadership role in solving the community problems.

Roles assigned to the Center:


- Spreading the culture of quality in the faculties of Al-Razi University and its affiliated units.


- Carrying out self-evaluation activities for university programs and faculties.


- Coordinating with the different entities to qualify the programs and faculties of the university to obtain academic accreditation.


- Following-up of the University's commitment to the criteria required for accreditation

- Supporting faculties in developing their internal quality assurance systems.